Carole Holcroft


Color is the essence of landscapes, our moods and our perception of the physical and ethereal world. The natural elements of clouds, water and landscapes add dimension and organic shapes.” – Carole Holcroft


Welcome to Studio At 19! 

I have a passion for design, shape, contrast, color, texture and fun!  It’s me. It’s who I am. It’s a common thread that runs through every part of my life. I hope that my artistic journey into each piece of my work will take you the viewer to a space where art, science and nature meet because art in its many forms is a way for us to communicate.

The vision and inspiration for my work comes from the organic shapes of nature and architectural shapes in the material world. I am strongly influenced by works of art represented by abstract expressionism and impressionism, along with artists of the Color Field Movement, Rothko, Newman, Frankenthaler and Ellsworth Kelly.

Through conceptual and visual language using line, form and color of the emotional and physical world, my intention is to evoke the viewer’s feelings, and maintain an open dialogue. Using palette knife, brush or stick, I create landscape imagery, ethereal interpretation and designs in shapes, stripes and simple geometric patterns.  As I enjoy the process of experimentation, I typically have no set plan before I start. That freedom allows me to continuously develop a piece of work until I reach a place of unexpected repose knowing that I have reached both completion and satisfaction. My work comes directly from my thoughts, feelings, and minds eye. Occasionally, I will use an image or photograph as a reference point, but I feel at my most creative when there is no intentional image to copy. 

Intermingled with my non-objective work, you will find pieces commissioned by family members to represent important events in their lives. I am proud and honored to have the opportunity to challenge my technical abilities and artistic growth through their personal journeys

Born in the United Kingdom and educated at North Cheshire College, I currently reside in Merrimac Massachusetts USA, where I find the balance of creating art in my studio, plays an important part in the professional growth and development of my coaching practice Crown Business Coaching Group.

Stay a while and enjoy my work. Contact me with any questions you may have at

“You’ll Never Walk Alone”

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